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Types of Commercial Oil Fume Purifiers - High-Value Tips from Ventto Manufacturer

2024-04-11 10:26:15

When you walk into a restaurant and the first thing that greets you is not a polite waiter but thick black oil smoke, would you still be willing to walk into this restaurant? When you walk into a high-end shopping mall and prepare to buy luxury goods to reward yourself for your hard work and smell the mixed smell of dishes, perfume, and carbon dioxide, are you still willing to walk into this high-end shopping mall? When you, as a customer, inspect your supplier's factory and see an environment full of dust instead of neat, are you willing to continue working with him?BBQ party - Ventto Ventilation Equipment Applicationrbl

My answer is no. I hope to enjoy delicious food in a comfortable and refreshing dining environment. I want to have a comfortable shopping experience. I would like to see a supplier that is both strong and comfortable work environment. Consumer feelings cannot determine the quality of the product, but they can affect the consumer's first impression of the product. Solving fumes and odors costs less money, but it can help you get more customers.

Is there equipment that can help restaurants remove fumes and odors? What problems can it help restaurant owners solve? Do I need this ventilation equipment? How can I choose the correct device for my needs? How much do these ventilators cost? If you are concerned about these topics, please read on to get more answers from vent to manufacturers.

Equipment to remove oil fumes and odors?

Is there any equipment that can help restaurants remove fumes and odors? Yes, it is an oil fume purifier. It is a ventilation device used to extract, filter, purify, and discharge kitchen fumes. It can usually purify 65% to 95% of the fumes. It is divided into many types, such as mechanical oil fume purifiers, UV deodorizers, and electrostatic oil fume purifiers. The functions of each type are quite different. If you don't observe, you may buy a purifier that is not suitable for you.


How distinguish various oil fume purifiers?

It is not difficult to distinguish the various types of oil fume purifiers. They usually have different appearances, working principles, and application places. Please read on and get free and professional selection knowledge, or go directly to the Ventto factory or website to browse individual products.

(1) Mechanical oil fume purifier

It has many names, such as mechanical oil fume purifier, oil fume purifier with filter, or partition oil fume purifier. How it works is easier to remember than the name. When large particles of oil fume molecules or impurities are transported to the mechanical oil fume purifier, they will be filtered and adsorbed to the oil accumulation box under the action of inertia and the collision of the fireproof net.

It can separate large particles of oil fume molecules and reduce the concentration of oil fume. Because there is no purification module or low-density screen, its effect in intercepting small particles of oil fume molecules is minimal. It can used for dust removal equipment in large factories.

The filter of LF-JDW-DB-10 Commercial Electrostatic Precipitator1 (4)h15

(2) UV oil fume purifier

You can think of a UV oil fume purifier as a purification device composed of two lamp tubes. It has a 254nm lamp and an 185nm lamp. The front lamp is 254nm, which can cut the large particles of oil fume molecular chains into small particles of oil fume molecules. 

The lamp at the back is 185nm, which can produce ultraviolet rays that react with oxygen in the air to produce ozone. Ozone is a substance that oxidizes oil molecules into water, carbon dioxide, and white powder. Odors in the air are eliminated after reacting with ozone.

UV oil fume purifiers are used as deodorizing equipment. They cannot filter and purify oil fume molecules. It will help you a lot if you are running a high-end hotel, chemical plant, garbage disposal plant, or commercial space with odors.
The u-ray of LF-GC-5000-G Commercial Kitchen Air Purified Machine1 (2)n55

(3) Composite oil fume purifier

Since mechanical oil fume purifiers and UV oil fume purifiers can filter oil fumes and remove odors, can we combine them to obtain better purification effects? I believe you are smart and have already got the answer in the affirmative. But these effects are far from enough. A complete oil fume treatment process includes oil fume filtration, purification, and deodorization. Mechanical oil fume purifiers and UV oil fume purifiers only undertake the tasks of oil fume filtration and deodorization, but lack the function of oil fume purification.

Among the series of commercial ventilation equipment, there has a machine specially designed for oil fume purification - the electrostatic oil fume purifier. It uses a high-voltage electrostatic ionization field to separate gaseous pollutants and impurities in oil smoke so that the gaseous pollutants are charged and then adsorbed by the low-pressure collection section of the opposite electrode. During this process, 65% to 85% of the oil fume is purified.
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Composite oil fume purifiers are composed of a variety of equipment, such as mechanical oil fume purifier + electrostatic oil fume purifier, electrostatic oil fume purifier + UV deodorizer, or mechanical oil fume purifier + electrostatic oil fume purifier + UV deodorizer. The compound oil fume purifier can be used in any commercial place that requires oil fume treatment and odor purification.

Where do you need commercial oil fume purifiers?

I will give you some reference cases below. You can choose according to your actual situation. If you have any questions about how to choose the right oil fume purifier, you can always contact the Ventto manufacturer.

(1) Restaurants that have received complaints and reports from nearby residents due to the poor purification effect of kitchen fumes.

(2) the local environmental protection department is require restaurant to make rectifications, but their kitchen fume purification efficiency does not meet standards.

(3) Office buildings that need to discharge directly from the blinds because there is no special exhaust shaft

(4) Restaurants opened in protected buildings or tourist attractions have strict requirements on oil fume purification efficiency.

(5) Hotels and restaurants opened in pedestrian streets or commercial centers

(6) Staff restaurants in factories, schools and hotels

(7) High-end restaurants with strict requirements for oil fume purification and odor treatment

(8) Asian cuisine, Hunan cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, wok cooking, and other restaurants with large amounts of fumes and difficult-to-eliminate odors

(9) Restaurants with large amounts of oily smoke such as Japanese restaurants, Korean restaurants, and barbecue restaurants

(10) Restaurants and fast food restaurants with no duct outdoor emission conditions, such as airport supporting restaurants, train station waiting halls, subway stations, and MRT stations, requiring visual smoke-free inspection, and high odor purification efficiency

(11) Restaurants in high-end shopping malls, high-end office buildings, low-altitude emission employee restaurants and high-end restaurants, high-end villas, and golf-supporting restaurants.

How choose a suitable commercial oil fume purifier?

If you continue reading the following buying tips from the Ventto manufacturer, you will find that it is not difficult. Choosing a commercial oil fume purifier considers purification efficiency, air volume, noise, cleaning and maintenance, product type, and price.

(1) Oil fume purification efficiency

How to understand the concept of oil fume purification efficiency? it's easy. It represents the cleanliness of oil fumes after treatment, usually displayed as a percentage. For example, 65% oil fume purification efficiency means that the emitted oil fume is light black and carries some small particle size impurities, 85% oil fume purification efficiency means that the emitted oil fume is light gray, and 95% oil fume purification efficiency means that the emitted oil fume is Colorless.

If you only want to meet the oil fume emission standards set by the local environmental protection department, then an oil fume purifier with an oil fume purification efficiency of 65% to 85% is enough. If you run a high-end restaurant, school cafeteria, or city center store, you may consider purchasing equipment with a 95% oil fume purification efficiency.

(2) Air volume

The air volume refers to the amount of air processed by the commercial oil fume purifier per hour, which is determined by the kitchen area and the amount of oil fume generated by the stove. 

Give a simple example. If the length of the range hood is 1 meter, it needs to be equipped with a range fume purifier with an air volume of 4000m³/h. If the exhaust air volume of the centrifugal fan is 3000m³/h, then it needs to be equipped with an oil fume purifier with an air volume of 4000m³/h. If the barbecue grill is 1 meter, it needs to be equipped with a fume purifier with an air volume of 6000m³/h.

The amount of oil fume produced by a gas burner is 3000m³/h. You can calculate the air volume of the oil fume purifier based on the number of burners in the kitchen multiplied by 3000. For example, if there are five burners in the kitchen, the amount of oil smoke per hour is 5*3000=15,000 (m³/h). It means that you need to purchase an oil fume purifier with an air volume of 15,000m³/h.
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(3) Noise

No one can work safely in a noisy environment. Please imagine that when you are enjoying a delicious lunch, the harsh sound of tractors comes from the window, will you feel irritated? Here are some noise standards for reference. Noise below 40 decibels is normal, noise above 50 decibels will affect sleep, and noise above 70 decibels will affect normal life.

(4) Energy consumption

You don’t want to buy a power devourer, which will cost you a lot of electricity. Energy consumption depends on the amount of kitchen fume and fume purification efficiency. Oil fume purifiers with high oil fume purification efficiency will consume less electricity. 

Commercial oil fume purifiers need to be maintained every half a month to three months, such as cleaning the electrode plate, filtering the screen, and checking the power supply. It means that its purification module must be removable and the electric field configuration must be safely protected.

LF-CYZ-1800-G commercial kitchen exhaust hood with ESP filter 31 (4)zzm

(5) Product type

Commercial oil fume purifiers are divided into different types based on filtration methods, such as electrostatic oil fume purifiers, mechanical oil fume purifiers, and UV deodorizers. You can obtain professional selection knowledge based on the above content or consult the Ventto manufacturer so that you can purchase the most suitable oil fume purifier for your kitchen.