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The Purchasing Guide of Electrostatic Oil Fume Purifier - from Ventto Manufacturer

2023-11-09 15:03:22

When your commercial kitchen is filled with thick black oil fumes and makes you cough? When there is a lot of dust and sand floating in your factory when the dining area of the canteen is filled with the smell of greasy and mixed food. Do you want to escape? Get some fresh air outside? I answer yes, but for cooks / Workers / Waiters, It is disallowed.

Some environmental regulations are urging restaurant owners / Bosses to purchase commercial ventilation or purification equipment. Such as industrial centrifugal blower fans to extract oil fumes, electrostatic air precipitator to purify oil fumes, and integrated commercial ventilation systems embedded in the kitchen. This equipment can extract/purify/discharge oil fumes that meet environmental standards (emission limit 1.0㎎/m³). The oil fumes will not invade the chef's lungs.

Purchasing ventilation equipment will add to the budget, but will reduce environmental department fines and employee complaints; it can be an investment worth considering. On the other hand, you don't need to buy a full range of commercial ventilation equipment. Electrostatic oil fume purifiers that filter, purify and exhaust fumes will suffice. Please follow the Ventto manufacturer for an introduction to electrostatic oil fume purifiers.

What is the electrostatic oil fume purifier?

Let us understand what is electrostatic. Have you rubbed a balloon with your hair, it sticks to the ceiling? In the winter, the electric shock you feel when you open the door? these are electrostatic at work. Static electricity occurs when particles have different charges.

We can think of static electricity as a substance that helps balloons stick to walls or attract different media, such as magnets. Electrostatic air cleaner is a professional purification equipment that absorbs floating dust or oil mist molecules in the air or oil smoke. At the internal of the electrostatic air purifier, two voltage ionization fields ionize, adsorb, and drive oil mist molecules to convert fresh air, then meet the oil smoke emission standards.

You are smart. After you have an understanding of electrostatic air purifiers, you will understand the following information about how electrostatic air purifiers work.

(1)The working principle of electrostatic oil fume purifier

From the above content, we understand that electrostatic oil fume purifiers are a kind of purification equipment that absorbs, ionizes, and collects oil fume molecules or dust. Before understanding how an electrostatic oil fume purifier works, please follow me to understand its internal structure.

At the front of the electrostatic air cleaner has a removable and detachable filter. Its density is between 5mm and 9mm, which can filter large particles of food residue, sand, and dust. Behind the pre-filter, the oil fume molecules will enter the more brutal high-voltage electrostatic ionization zone. It is an ionization zone composed of a series of tooth-shaped discharge electrodes.


You can imagine it as a room full of mechanisms. There is a set of high-voltage toothed discharge electrodes every 5mm to 9mm. It will ionize the oil fume molecules into oil mist particles and water, and allow the oil mist particles to carry positive charges or negative charges. These charges will drive the oil mist particles to the collection plate or low-voltage electrostatic ionization zone. When the oil mist molecules pass through the high-voltage electrostatic ionization zone. They achieve 65% purification.

The next level is relatively easy. A low-voltage electrostatic ionization zone is made up of many flat plates. The low-voltage electrostatic ionization zone has a large workload. It must absorb the oil mist particles ionized in the high-voltage electrostatic ionization zone and drive the oil mist particles to the post-filter. After high-voltage + low-voltage electrostatic ionization, the oil fume purification increases from 65% to 75%.

The density of the post-filter is lower than that of the pre-filter, and it can absorb oil mist particles in smaller media; reaching an oil fume purification rate of 85%. It meets oil fume emission standards.

All in all, in electrostatic air purifiers, the oil fume needs to pass through the pre-filter, high-voltage electrostatic ionization zone, low-voltage electrostatic ionization zone, collection plate, and post-filter; achieving a purification rate from 0% to 85%.

Which place needs an electrostatic oil fume purifier

Maybe you bought it during a hot marketing campaign for electrostatic air purifiers, only to find it useless when you got home and then left it gathering dust in a warehouse? There's a segment of the population that's facing this. I don't want you to pay the bill for it. Whether you need electrostatic air purifiers depends on whether your office is dusty or your commercial kitchen is filled with fumes. If you have neither, you can choose to be stingy about it.


To give a simple example. If you are running an Asian restaurant focusing on wok cooking? Are you hosting a backyard charcoal barbecue party? Or a school/factory cafeteria are cooks tons of dishes? You can consider an electrostatic air cleaner to purify oil smoke. If you don't want to be unable to stop coughing or receive a ticket from the Environmental Protection Department.

What is the feature of electrostatic oil fume cleaner?

What benefits can an Electrostatic oil fume purifier bring to you? It will be the most important question you need to consider before buying. Please allow Ventto manufacturer to provide you with some factors that must be considered when purchasing electrostatic oil fume purifiers. Such as purification rate. Does it comply with emission standards? How many layers of filtration did it go through?


What if your local government does not have strict requirements on oil fume emissions, or you and the chef are used to a kitchen full of oil fumes? You don't need to buy electrostatic oil fume purifiers, because electrostatic oil fume purifiers can absorb and purify 65% to 95% of oil fume. It is crucial for restaurant owners in Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. He needs to meet government-mandated oil fume emission standards and does not want to endure the attack of oil fumes on their lungs.

(2)Double ionization

Among electrostatic oil fume purifiers, the most valuable components are the high-voltage + low-voltage electrostatic ionization zones; they purify 65% of oil mist molecules. If you are considering purchasing electrostatic oil fume purifiers, focus on the number of ionization zones. Some high-quality electrostatic oil fume cleaners will carry high-pressure + low-pressure dual electrostatic ionization fields, which increase the steps of filtration and ionization so that the oil fume molecules can achieve higher purification efficiency after countless purification.


(3)Emission Standard

In China, the local government has set strict standards for oil fume emissions from commercial kitchens (the emission limit is 1.0㎎/m³, and the purification rate is ≥90%), which is not absolute. It corresponds to oil fume purification rates for different restaurants. For example, large, medium, and small eating establishments are 85%, 75%, and 65%. Based on the specified oil fume purification rate, Commercial ventilation equipment manufacturers will recommend suitable electrostatic oil fume purifiers to you.

Types of electrostatic oil fume cleaners and How to choose?

The above questions make your decision(purchase electrostatic oil fume purifiers) more difficult. How many types? How can I choose the right purification equipment? Please don’t ignore the decision-making tips from the Ventto manufacturer. As mentioned in the above content, electrostatic oil fume purifiers are classified according to their application location, purification efficiency, installation location, and whether to remove odor.

(1)Household Electrostatic Air Filter VS Commercial Electrostatic Air Purifier

You will find electrostatic air cleaners for two different applications in the air ventilation equipment store. Such as household electrostatic air filters and commercial electrostatic air purifiers. The difference is that household electrostatic air filters can filter most dust and air, but do not provide purification. Commercial electrostatic air purifiers can filter, purify, and discharge dust and oil smoke.

Household electrostatic air filters are smaller than commercial electrostatic air purifiers due to the lack of air-purifying components. If you are looking to filter indoor air, dust, hair, or pollen, you can choose a household electrostatic air filter. If you are looking to filter and purify oil smoke, air, and odor in commercial kitchens, you can choose commercial electrostatic air purifiers.

(2)High-altitude Electrostatic Air Purifier VS Low-altitude Electrostatic Air Purifier

If you have browsed the product manuals of commercial electrostatic oil fume purifiers, you may be confused about the concepts of high altitude and low altitude. The difference is the electrostatic oil fume purifiers are placed on the wall / suspended above the stove or placed on the floor. Suspended above the stove are high-altitude electrostatic oil fume cleaners and low-altitude electrostatic oil fume purifiers placed on the floor. It is divided according to the installation position of electrostatic oil fume purifiers.


If your restaurant is above the 2nd floor or has a narrow commercial kitchen; you can choose a high-altitude electrostatic smoke cleaner. If your restaurant is on the first floor, you can choose a low-altitude electrostatic oil smoke purifier.

(3)High-purification electrostatic oil fume purifier VS high-purification oil fume purifier

Are oil fume purifiers with high purification rates better? That's true, but not all restaurants need high-purification electrostatic oil smoke cleaners. For example. Mercedes-Benz is good, but Toyota already meets my travel needs.

If you are running a restaurant that mainly focuses on steaming food, stewing soup, and boiling noodles, such as Cantonese restaurants, bars, and breakfast shops. They produce less oily smoke, you can choose electrostatic smoke with 65% purification efficiency cleaner.


If you are running a restaurant that mainly specializes in fried food, fried chicken wings, and grilled steaks, such as Asian restaurants, Sichuan restaurants, and barbecue restaurants; they produce more oil smoke, you can choose 85% to 95% % purification efficiency of electrostatic lampblack purifiers.

The price of high purification rate electrostatic oil fume purifiers is higher than that of low purification rate, if you don’t want to waste unnecessary money, please refer to the above.

(4)Electrostatic air cleaner VS UV electrostatic air cleaner

Unfortunately, commercial electrostatic air purifiers can only purify the impurities in the oil fume, but they cannot remove the odor in the oil fume. If you are very sensitive to smell, you can choose commercial electrostatic oil fume purifiers with UV light or activated carbon electrostatic air purifiers. They work much the same as electrostatic air purifiers, the only difference being the addition of odor-eliminating UV lights or activated carbon behind the post-filter.

The best three electrostatic oil fume purifiers from Ventto manufacturer

If you are planning to buy electrostatic oil fume purifiers. Please don't miss Ventto electrostatic purification equipment that has been selling well in China for 20 years. Ventto factory has an R&D / Design / Production / Sales team and has supplied a full range of commercial ventilation / Purification / Deodorization equipment to China / Singapore / Malaysia / Vietnam.

(1)High altitude electrostatic oil fume purifier LF-JDW-GA-4

This LT-JDW-G-A-4 Commercial Electronic Air Purifier for Oil Fume uses a single-zone electrostatic ionization field with a double filtration system to help purify 65% of the oil fume in restaurants that stew and steam. It is suitable for commercial kitchens where oil fumes are emitted at high altitudes.


(2)Low altitude electrostatic oil fume cleaner LF-JDW-DB-4

It is an electrostatic air purification equipment with dual oil fume ionization stages. In a high-pressure environment, 95% of the oil mist particles in the ionization field are filtered and purified, helping restaurants, canteens, and commercial kitchens meet emission standards for oil fumes.


(3)High-purification electrostatic smoke purifier LF-JDW-XB-4

It is an affordable commercial kitchen fume purification equipment that can capture 95% of oil mist, the waste air, and grease impurities, and decompose them into carbon dioxide and water after electrostatic ionization, meeting the kitchen fume emission standards.



If you're enduring a fume-filled commercial kitchen or receiving a ticket from the Department of Environmental Protection, don't refuse to buy electrostatic oil fume purifiers in exchange for fresh air. It's an investment worth considering, especially after the limited-time discounts offered by the Ventto manufacturer. Contact us as soon as possible to provide you with commercial kitchen ventilation solutions.