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Commercial Integrated ESP Range Hood High Purification & Save Cost

2023-11-09 15:23:30

When you are planning to purchase ventilation equipment for your commercial kitchen, the long shopping list can feel overwhelming. It means that you need to spend a lot of money on range hoods, electrostatic cleaners, centrifugal blower fan and UV deodorizers.

In addition to the expensive bills, do you need to worry about A large ventilation unit that can be accommodated in a compact kitchen? On the other hand, strict oil fume emission regulations require you to purchase qualified commercial ventilation equipment to meet the 0.1PPM ozone emission standard.

Money and space are not easy items. For restaurants that have not yet received enough orders and enough profits, the initial investment makes them feel hopeless. The funds to purchase equipment are easy to come by, but the narrow kitchen has been occupied by cooking equipment. How to place more ventilation equipment? This conundrum often plagues restaurateurs.

What is an integrated ESP range hood?

In the field of commercial ventilation equipment, there is a product designed for cramped commercial kitchens. It integrates a range hood, electrostatic purifier, and UV deodorizer to become an All-in-one ESP range hood. You can customize the dimensions of the All-in-one ESP range hood according to the size of your kitchen.


The All-in-one ESP range hood can be hung above the stove or wall-mounted to save more kitchen space. It has no complicated installation steps, just needs to reserve enough ventilation holes to facilitate the emission of purified oil fumes. Its price is acceptable compared to buying a full range of commercial ventilation equipment.

How does All-in-one Esp range hood work?

Hard to explain how the All-in-one ESP range hood works? Because it is composed of different ventilation equipment, such as centrifugal fans, electrostatic oil fume purifiers, and UV deodorizers. Each module has its working principle, and if you have enough time, the Ventto manufacturer will explain it to you in the following.

(1)Commercial Centrifugal Exhaust Fan

Centrifugal fan, professional ventilation equipment with exhaust fume, air, and steam. According to the appearance, you can see that it is divided into a Blower centrifugal fan and a cabinet centrifugal fan. Their working principles are the same: After the impeller rotates to generate a centrifugal force at high speed, which absorbs the oil fume into the volute and drives it to the outside.

There's no complicated way it works, if that's hard to understand, just think of it as a fan in action. In the All-in-one ESP range hood, the cabinet centrifugal fan has been applied. It may benefit from its shape, which is more suitable for installation in the range hood, and it also benefits from its powerful exhaust volume.

The commercial centrifugal fan will not change the shape of the oil fume, let alone decompose or purify it. It is only the transmission medium of the oil fume. It is a misunderstanding by many people. In the ventilation process, the centrifugal fan is responsible for discharging polluted air, oil fume, and dust, and inhaling fresh air for commercial places.


(2)Electrostatic Precipitator

During the ventilation process, the electrostatic purifier will change the form and medium of the oil fume. It decomposes the oil fume into carbon dioxide and water through the high-voltage + low-voltage ionization field, making the oil fume purification rate reach 95%. In another article, the Ventto manufacturer details the working principle and product details of commercial electrostatic cleaners.

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The electrostatic purifier is one of the important modules in the All-in-one ESP range hood. Only the purified fume can meet the fume emission standard.

(3)UV deodorizer

Even after the oil fume is purified, it still carries different smells, such as fermentation, smell, deliciousness, and oil smoke. These mediums have an unbearable smell. In many restaurant reviews, Ventto found that diners not only pay attention to food flavor but also pay more attention to the dining environment and air quality.

Few people have faith in restaurant food after smelling it. In traditional ventilation equipment, activated carbon filters are used for deodorization. Activated carbon can absorb most impurities and odors to get clean air or water.

However, it is easy to burn when the high-temperature oil fume meets activated carbon, and the cost of activated carbon is expensive. Most of the activated carbon needs to be replaced after 2-3 times of filtration to achieve a higher purification rate.

In the Ventto All-in-one ESP range hood, a UV deodorizer is used to purify the odor. It is a device that uses ultraviolet light to decompose oil fume molecules into carbon dioxide, water vapor, and ozone. In many disinfection equipment, UV deodorizers are widely used.

Why choose the All-in-one ESP range hood?

If you are looking for equipment to extract cooking fumes for restaurants, you can choose commercial range hoods and All-in-one ESP range hoods. In essence, they are all equipment for extracting oil fume, the only difference is that the All-in-one ESP range hood can purify / Deodorize oil fume.

You can choose the ventilator according to your funds. The commercial range hood is cheaper than an All-in-one ESP range hood. If you are running a small restaurant with mainly steamed food, then the commercial range hood is enough.

But most restaurant owners will choose the All-in-one ESP range hood, which is a device that can automatically extract / Purify / Deodorize / Exhaust oil fume. It occupies a small space and does not require much attention from your force.

(1)Save space

An important reason for restaurateurs to favor the All-in-one ESP range hood is its integrated design. It shows wide flexibility in custom size and can design a matching range hood according to the size of the kitchen. Whether it is a compact restaurant, school canteen, or hotel, this All-in-one ESP range hood can help them remove / Purify / Deodorize / Exhaust oil fume.

It is rare high-quality equipment for restaurants with small kitchen space but is limited by the oil fume emission standard. It means you don't need to spend a lot of kitchen space, but you can fit cooker hoods, electrostatic cleaners, odor eliminators, and centrifugal fans.

(2)Touch screen control

Some restaurateurs have made quality recommendations to Ventto manufacturers. They look forward to controlling the All-in-one ESP range hood in the restaurant through the mobile APP at home, including opening, pausing, exhausting, and purifying. It will help them grasp the working status of the All-in-one ESP range hood in real time. It's not a simple update, but one that Ventto manufacturers hope will give restaurateurs a better operating experience.


Recently, the Ventto All-in-one ESP range hood has realized touchscreen control and mobile APP remote operation. You can control the working status of the cooker hood in real time. Its operation panel adopts thermal imaging sensing technology, you only need to swipe your hand on the panel, and it will be turned on automatically. It includes built-in timers, degreasing, deodorizing, automatic cleaning, and adjustable fan speed.

How do you ventilate a commercial kitchen?

Please choose the size of the All-in-one ESP range hood according to the restaurant stove. Generally, the range hood should be the same size as the stove to cover the entire heating range. Opt for a suspended or ceiling range hood whenever possible, making sure it is above the hob.

In simple terms: a properly sized range hood should cover the entire width of the hob or at least 50% of the front burner. The emission of the range hood should be determined according to the amount of oil fume. Generally, the amount of oil fume from a burner is 2500 to 3000m³. If your restaurant has five burners, it means that you need to buy a range hood with an exhaust air volume of 12500 to 15000m³.

Does the range hood consume more electricity?

Most All-in-one ESP range hoods consume between 1250W and 2000W. When used as often as a traditional electric stove, the monthly power consumption of the range hood is around 100KW ($20)

Why is my range hood not exhausting?

When the fan of the range hood gets too much oil or doesn't draw enough air, the air filter will be clogged, the fan will fail, and the motor will fail. These are the reasons for the low efficiency of oil fume extraction. Check to see if the range hood fan is dirty, and if so, clean it with detergent and a rag.

Is it necessary to buy a range hood for a restaurant?

A range hood is a necessary piece of ventilation in any commercial kitchen. As the starting point of a commercial fume ventilation system, range hoods help remove fumes, air, and impurities, prevent fires and regulate indoor temperature.