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Ventto Commercial Ventilation Equipment

Are you working in an environment that is being invaded by oil smoke, dust, odor or dirty air? Looking for fresh air solutions for your commercial kitchen or industrial site? Congratulations, you have come to the right place. 

This is the product exhibition center of Ventto commercial ventilation equipment manufacturers, where you can see a full range of commercial electrostatic air purifiers, centrifugal blower fans, kitchen exhaust hoods, UV Deodorizers and integrated hoods with ESP filters. 

These ventilation equipment will help you extract, purify, deodorize and discharge air, dust, odors and oil smoke in commercial places, helping you create fresh air and a comfortable working environment.
commercial kitchen with fumea40

Commercial Kitchen with Fume

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Chimney - Ventto Ventilation Equipment Applicationq9a

Chemical Plant Exhaust Fume

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Factory - Ventto Ventilation Equipment Application73s

Factory Welding Sparks

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Cinema - Ventto Ventilation Equipment Applicationsez

Enclosed Cinema Ventilation

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Large Chemical Purification

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Logistics Warehouse Ventilation

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commercial electrostatic oil fume purifier LT-JDW-DB-12sq0 LF-JDW-DB-40 Industrial large electrostatic oil mist smoke purifierdpq

Electrostatic Air Purifier

        The Ventto Electrostatic Air Purifier is a device that helps you filter, purify and deodorize fume, dust and smoke in commercial kitchens or industrial places. It consists of multiple sets of aluminum alloy electrode plates + pre-filter + post-filter + UV deodorizer. 

        When the aluminum alloy electrode plates are powered on, they will form an ionization field that can absorb fume, dust, impurities and smoke, and then purify the odor into carbon dioxide powder and water through the UV deodorizer, creating fresh air and a comfortable environment for you. Buy Now and Get Fresh Air Soon

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LF-DYZ-2000 Commercial kitchen hood system with electrostatic oil fume purifier2np LF-CYZ-2400 intergrated kitchen hood purification system(2)n0f

All-in-one Commercial Hood

        I regret to tell you that the commercial range hood you are using is just a porter of kitchen fumes, and the fumes discharged by it will still be punished by the environmental protection department. This is not the most harmful to you. The black walls, exhaust duct cleaning and damage to employees' trachea caused by it are more distressing to you.

        Have you ever imagined that a filter, fume purifier, centrifugal exhaust fan and UV deodorizer are combined in one hood? Look at this Ventto All-in One Commercial ESP Hood. It helps you achieve a 95% fume purification rate and no odor. It does not require the installation of exhaust ducts, fire alarm systems and is suitable for use in narrow commercial kitchens.

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The u-ray of LF-GC-5000-G Commercial Kitchen Air Purified Machine1 (3)ciw 1di3

UV Deodorizer

        Are you suffering from the smell of smoke, mixed food smells and chemical factories? Do these smells make you feel suffocated, dizzy and unbearable? Here is a commercial deodorizer. 

        It cuts off the odor molecules through the 254nm and 185nm ultraviolet bands (UV) and reacts with oxygen to produce ozone. Ozone decomposes the odor molecules into water, carbon dioxide and trace white powder, thereby achieving odor removal.

        Ventto adds UV deodorization technology to electrostatic purifiers or commercial exhaust hoods to help you purify kitchen fumes while breathing fresh air. Contact us Now and Get Fresh Air Soon.

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